Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Recap

So let's recap the last half of February shall we...

Massive amounts of snow, record breaking in fact.  Statistically Kirkwood ranked number #1 in the world for some time for the most amount of snowfall during these past weeks.  Averaging about 12ft in the last storm, Kirkwood got hit and hit hard.  With more snow on the way, visitors are carrying an extra bounce in their step as they hit the slopes.  Smooth, fresh powder covers every inch of Kirkwood and visitors as well as employees are in search of all the fresh powder they can get!  Lucky enough to head out with Coop and his crew in the early hours of the morning to capture some shots, I got a taste of the waist-high powder that first fell a week ago.  In fact it was chest high for my 5'1 stature.  Working against the winds and with the powder, I was able to catch a stellar shot of Kirkwood free rider Rose ripping it down chair 6.

In combination with the perfect conditions and Kirkwood hosting the North American Free Skiing Championships, it's been non-stop excitement!  With more powder on the way, the season is shaping up to be a successful one.

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