Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you dream it, it's possible.

New Years Eve, 125 top notch skiers rode chair 6 to the top just after the sun fell behind the mountains and the single degree weather kicked in.  Hands frozen and camera in hand I prepared myself for a shot that seemed almost impossible to capture in the black of night.  Guiding off of the single light that flickered at the top of chair 6's chair lift, I hoped for the best.  From black to red instantly, 125 skiers at the top of chair 6 fired up 125 road flares.  Within seconds they blazed an organized "S" trail from top to bottom.  Epic is a great word to describe what it looked like.

After making their way down Kirkwood's fireworks show lit up the sky.  Red flares burning all over the snow the crowd looked up to the sky in amazement of an up close and personal fireworks show that let off feet from where they were standing.  One of the best fireworks show I've ever seen!

Parties proceeded after at the bars which completed the night, brought 2010 to and end and a hopeful 2011 to a start.

Starting my new year off right I was one of very few that got not only the 1st of the year but the 2nd as well off.  There was only one answer to the question of how I would spend my time.  Deciding to push myself a bit I blazed a trail off chair 4 up the backside to get higher and steeper...the best way to find fresh untouched tracks.  I enjoyed it so much I did it twice that day.

The crowds at Kirkwood have finally calmed down which means more powder for those that visit.  Best time of year to board/ski is now!  Cheers to the new year and new possibilities!

"If you dream it, it's possible.  Let no one tell you otherwise".

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