Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just another epic powder day...

What can I say, Kirkwood hosts some of the most epic snow!  Deep and Dry, it ranks top in my book for some of the best conditions.  WE DONT BLOW SNOW and if we do it's because mother nature doesn't cooperate.  It cost's about a million dollars to blow snow each day.  Yes, 1 million.  So you can imagine what ski resorts pay just to get their winter started.  Kirkwood on the other hand... yup, we don't need it.  Kirkwood holds such a unique location that it is rare that we need to resort to snow blowing to get the season going.  With a little patience and luck on our side, once the snow begins to pours.  Not even dipping into December yet, we have already reached 15ft total this season.  There's been talk that in 30 some odd years they haven't seen this much snow in such a short time and this early in the season.  And I must tell you, it's pretty epic.  Already 3 days boarded, I'm content and it's only November.

There's nothing like looking out your window at night and seeing beams of light from the groomers covering the mountain sides nor is there anything that compares to waking up to the sound of the chair lifts starting up and the groomers continuing to keep the snow fresh.  It's awesome actually.  I'm pretty much drooling over the fresh runs when walking to work.  Luckily enough, the 2 hour ride breaks are keeping me happy during the long 11 hour shifts.  For once, working long hours has become worth it.

The pattern for the next week in weather shows to be pretty promising.  Off and on.  A few days of snow and a few days of sunshine...perfect for bluebird days.  We haven't opened the mountain completely yet.  Our manpower is still trying to catch up to the conditions handed to us.  Between avalanche bombing in the morning and the groomers at night, we are doing out best to control and prepare the snow on the mountain.

All in all, Kirkwood is worth visiting this season.

Stay tuned for some more's been a busy opening week :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Spread the love around!!!

There is nothing more amazing then living in a post card!  Nonstop hustlers these groomers are!  With about 15 feet already total this season Kirkwood is opening earlier then expected!  Wednesday November 24th Chairs 5,6 and 11 will be open with hopefully a few more on the way.  There's talk of The Wall being open by the weekend.  Massive amounts of snow covered all over Lake Tahoe over the weekend.  I was lucky enough to have my 3 hour trip back to Kirkwood turn into a blizzardy maze of 12 hours.  Luckily the subaru did it's job well.  All day and all night the groomers have been running.  From my window all I can see at night is a beaming light making its way through the white snow.  Throughout the week it is supposed to be off and on snow and sun, perfect weather to keep the season going.  I just found out avalanche classes are offered to employees at the fourth of the price, so one more thing to add to my list of things to experience!  Im waiting for the perfect conditions to take my first run of the's almost here!  A few more avalanche grenades and a few more cat runs and we are going to have some stellar conditions.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well well well, first powder fall of the season.  Still not enough to have the base we are looking for to open but give it one more solid dump and the chairs will be spinning.  Took an attempt at a morning hike this past tuesday... lets just say I was able to board down some fresh powder but not as steep as I was hoping.  Let's just say I either need to throw aside my sweet but stiff 32's and invest in some snow hiking shoes or I need to work on my stamina.  Im thinking both.  Regardless it was untouched champagne powder to the fullest.  Every boarders dream... that and some step shoots.

Meeting went well and it looks like I'm going to be working on snapping more photos than I thought, starting small as a side photographer but the more photos they like the more dinero I rack in :).  However I would say photography is far from a do-for-the-money love of it.  Strictly an added bonus to be paid for something you enjoy.  Look for hopefully some of my photos popping up on the new Kirkwood website that will be launching soon.  If you've navigated our website you will understand why we are choosing to step it up a notch this year and make it a bit easier on users eyes.

Not much to update as far as weather, looks as though it will remain a bit warmer this week.  Hopefully mother nature will turn it's course again so we can get the last dump we need to kick off the season!